Guiding Principles

Ten Guiding Principles have been established by the founders of Montage to provide a quality framework for the development team and, most importantly, an active, true vision of the future for residents and businesses.

Principles to Guide Montage

We acknowledge the tenuous and difficult balance between being gentle with our natural environment while providing a range of built housing, recreation, and business opportunities with the necessary infrastructure, all within an enriching, hospitable, and thriving community.

We want all Montage residents, families, friends, and neighbors to experience and enjoy comfortable connections within the community and our natural and built environments. The livability and community spirit will be enhanced by adherence to these Guiding Principles.

Why are these important?

The Ten Guiding Principles were established by the founders of Montage to provide a true vision of the community’s future. This framework will continue to inform every aspect in the process of planning, development, building, and governance*.

The livability of the neighborhoods, connections with our natural and built environment, and community spirit will be enhanced by the commitment to these Guiding Principles.

10 Principles to Live / Grow / Thrive

Authentic Sense of Place

Liberty is a renowned, mid-western city with charm and character: a Tree City USA with an attractive and inviting downtown, dozens of buildings on the National Historic Register, an established trail system, a respected college, hospital, and K-12 school program.  Montage will complement Liberty’s distinctive attributes.

Environmental Enrichment and Protection

Open areas, trails, pocket parks, lakes, creeks, playfields, and gathering spaces offer opportunities from private reflection to team sports. Intentional landscape design meant to connect with nature and sustain the environment will feature native Missouri flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Active Lifestyle

Physical and mental activity are necessary for good health.  Gardening, walking, running, bicycling, swimming, sledding, tennis, pickleball, yoga, etc., and a range of team sports will be available.  Art in all its forms will be displayed, presented, produced, performed, shared, enjoyed, and encouraged.  

Engaging Community

The management of the community association will be transparent, collaborative, and resident-centered. A wide variety of meet-your-neighbor and new resident activities will be provided.

Welcoming Diversity

Montage will welcome all.  Our lives are made richer through diversity and inclusion. 

Safe and Efficient Transportation Networks

New roads, enhanced with walkable and bike-friendly trail corridors and designed with appropriate traffic calming features will safely link LNHS and the neighborhoods with improved connections to Hwy 291, new connections to I-35, and easier access to downtown Liberty.

Aesthetic Design with Quality Construction

The built environment is made more pleasant with a variety of architectural styles and color schemes. Public roads are made more comfortable with vertical and horizontal curves and gentle traffic-calming elements.  Good construction design, material use, and maintenance will be practiced.

Learning for Life

In addition to the high-quality K-12, William Jewell College, and Liberty Parks & Recreation curriculums, varied educational programs will be offered by the Montage Farm, Stable, Garden, Art, and Mom’s Clubs, etc. through the Community Association.

Green Energy and Conservation Emphasis

Opportunities to test, experiment, and lead in the rapidly evolving science of alternative energy will be explored. Solar, geothermal, wind, recycling, composting and other community-centered best practices will be utilized.

Sustainable for the future

Montage has been intentionally designed by a team of nationally experienced community builders to be economically successful and sustainable.

*Let us all acknowledge the worthy and important goal of being gentle with our natural environment while providing the desired range of quality built housing, recreation, and business opportunities, all with the necessary public infrastructure and within an enriching and hospitable community.

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